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"The rug Lady"

In 2008, I was let go from my job. For the 1st time in my life I was unemployed. I had virtually no money, but of course had my skill and love for sewing. I wanted to make things for my home, but I wanted them to be made from recycled materials. Over the years, I have become more and more environmentally conscious.
I searched for ideas at my local bookstores, and found a couple things I thought I could put together. One idea was a rug made from t-shirts. The pictures in the book were, well, I'm sorry...but they were Horrible. I had a feeling that I might be able to do better.

I found some old t-shirts, and started cutting and braiding. My first attempts were hand sewn, and well not very good. But by my third rug they had improved to the point that I wouldn't be embarrassed to show someone. I started making some for friends, and family for gifts. At that point I started buying used shirts from local charity thrift shops.

A short time later a couple of artistic people told me about Etsy. At first I did nothing with the info, despite how great they said it was. After a while I looked into it and decided I would make some products to post on Etsy. I made all kinds of stuff, bags, mittens and of course braided rugs made from t-shirts.

I was so thrilled to see, I sold something in the first week. I was hooked. I started making more and more things. Things kept selling. I sold $40 worth of stuff my 1st month. (Sounds pretty funny to me now!)

After 6 months I looked at all that was selling and decided to focus on just making rugs. They were selling the best. As time progressed, so did my technique. Braiding rugs from t-shirts is not something found in books or your local craft store. I had to work through problems and solve them. I gradually upgraded my sewing machines and made my table larger. I also had to teach myself to dye fabric. My business is a "process" and is ever growing. I learn something new everyday. I have been making rugs for 13 years, and I am very happy that I can make a modest living doing what I love...and love what I do. So with that,,, I must go make a rug now:) Laurine :)